Zalleo is good friends with Simidalleo and Beegee. He can give anything 'The Zalleo Virus' if he looks at it (The Zalleo Virus turns you to stone). He's in the Great Beegee Army For Some Reason.
Zalleo Front

Zalleo Front

Zalleo is so a zeature, And is friend with his brother: Zeegee, Is the most big rival of Wazalleo, His brother is the rival of Wazeegee, Zalleo can transform a Fire Flower into a Stone Flower and Zalleo haves a army, And a rival of Zalleo is Zowsa, And his wife is Zaesh, A zeature version of Paesh, Zalleo is one of the Fakegees who haves a Toon Form, And exactly, His toon form is Toon Zalleo, The brother of his toon form is exactly, Toon Zeegee and his ultimate form is Toon Zalleo, The toon form.
He is bros. with Zeegee.
Zlasky Csupo

Zlasky Csupo

Toon Zalleo Quenteegee style

Toon Zalleo

Toon Zalleo with an fire flower

Toon Zalleo transform a fire flower into stone flower

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