So exciting news for all people with special User Rights: Y'all have userboxes now.

Find them here: Userboxes If you want anything to be changes, please ask me before making changes. Thank you. Put them on your userpage to spruce things up. BLOOP.

Kay, and I've changed some stuff in the Community Message. Like I've made an Administrators page instead of listing them since it made the message look cluttered up. Besides, it feels good to create links. They also include some solid Admin rules which everyone should read. Thankee. ^_^

We will be making more updates soon, so keep your eyes peeled. :)

UPDATE: The Wiki info template is available as of now. You just have to type {{WikiInfo}} while in Source mode to get this:

This wiki has 8,946 edits, 274 articles, 1 users.

You may even receive important updates on this, so I would recommend that all users with rights put this on their page. If you need colour changes ask me. (Hp fans, reminds you of something shiny??)

If you want a custom template signature like so:

Nafisa.t13My talkEmail me1,669 EditsMy Fakegee

Renata- The worst monsters are people like you, and me. They can never survive near a good heart, they can't bear to remember how they once were...✮☮❤⑬
16:11, July 31, 2012 (UTC)

ASK ME! ^.^

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