Okay, sooo... In the last five days, I made the following pages and had the idea (if not the name, I decided them with General Beegee).


In 6 days

1. Aerogee

2. Windgee

3. Galegee

4. Ghost Grenade

5. Annoyingee

6. Beegee's Ancestors' Graveyard

In 24 hours

7. Bansheegee

8. Barbareegee

9. Powereegee

10. Poofeegee

11. Billioneegee

12. Weegee Heaven

13. Weegee Hell

14. Cieleegee

15. Enfergee

16. Braineegee

17. Vampireegee

18. Euphoreegee

19. Clumsygee

20. Klutzeegee

21. Phobiagee

W00T!!! Beat that!!!

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