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  • Imadoofus

    If there is a user on a Wikia you know called SSBBFFA, you must know that he has destroyed several Wikias, including mine. He pretends to be an honest user, and when I tried to alert an admin to his actions on a Wiki he was on, he dismissed me without even looking at the damage. Also, there is a user known as ThisIsVVeegee who as far as I know does not even pretend to be a legitimate user. He just spams all the pages. Please, for the protection of you and your Wiki, read this notice.

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  • Imadoofus

    Welcome... um... me.

    July 23, 2012 by Imadoofus

    Da Beegee is back, and he's got one more contributor to do his bidding slave over his every whim go out and shoot people contribute to his Wiki! That's me by the way. So, hi!

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