Ticklezeh is a Fakezeh who has a contagious laugh. Her laugh is so contagious that when she laughs, everyone else around her starts laughing too for no reason. She loves to laugh and it is said by her friends that she will laugh when she dies. Her laugh makes her popular at parties because it always brightens the mood. Laughing is what she is famous for.


Ticklezeh was a normal Fakegee. Then, one day she and her friends, Kittyzeh and Freakeezeh, went to travel around Beejiter. Her best friend Kittyzeh became famous through this trip when she started 'Stop a-bit'. Ticklezeh is a part owner of the company and is living with her husband and 2 daughters as a billionaire today on Beejiter.

She is very creative and can write very well. She became very famous with her novel, "Around the World and Back Home". She is also friends with Juneezeh and Honeyzeh.

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