The Balleo Counter is the first war that the Balleo Army ever won in the Balleo-Beegee Wars. After their second defeat in the Balleo-Beegee War II, the newly created Athleegee II joined their Army. Athleegee II suggested to Balleo to get a god on their side, so they can form a counterattack. Balleo listened to his advice and managed to bribe Chroneegee to go on their side. A few days later, his Army set off to counterattack the Beegees. After a few hours of battle, Chroneegee finally used his powers and froze the time in the Beegee Army. This allowed Balleo to get ready to attack again. Then Chroneegee unfroze time and half of the Beegee Army, including Bansheegee, Beegee's mother, were destroyed by the Balleo cannons that were loaded up when the Beegees were frozen. Beegee and his son retreated with the rest of their army.

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