Moneygee was the Fakegee that created the 'Gee Dollar, the currency used in the United 'Gees Universe. Therefore, he is obviously the richest Fakegee in the world. One of the reasons the Beegee Army grew to be so large was because Moneygee gave them money to hire troops and buy weapons. In fact, the Snowgee troops were hired by the Beegee Army, using the money that Moneygee donated to them. Grenadeegee's grenades were bought using Moneygee's donated money. He was a big supporter of the Beegee Army, obviously. He is a billionaire (since he made the currency, he can make it appear out of thin air and then just snatch them). The gallery below includes other billionaires that are enjoying their wealth because of his invention of the 'Gee dollar.

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