Loonyzeh is a very important Fakezeh in Beejiter. She owns most of the important shipping companies in the eastern Beejiter area. She is a billionaire, and donates a large part of her monthly income to the "Help and Care Charity Foundation".

She also loves animals. A lot. And by a lot we mean, sees-a-cat-on-the-road-and-yells-"Kitty!", a lot. She also cares about her friends and loves them very much. She likes writing too, and is quite good at it. She appreciates creativity.

Her best friends are: Honeyzeh, Juneezeh, and Kittyzeh. They are also in some way involved with the "Help and Care Charity Foundation". She is also friends with Beegee.

In Popular Media

Her favorite TV channel is Animal Planet.

Her favorite book is Harry Potter. (But you will never know which one.)

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