Clone 71085011

Young Kurukgee

Kurukgee is a Beegee clone that was made to be genetically the same as Beegee, but due to a mutation, Kurukgee's eyes turned red. He acted just the same as Beegee though. One day, he realized for the first time that he was not the same as Beegee, that he was different. He was so angry that he betrayed Beegee and tried to kill him. But alas, he horribly failed, because he was shot by a sorcerer in the abdomen. His abdomen turned into a hole with a disgusting color. Kurukgee then imploded into oblivion.
Corrupted Clone 71085011

Kurukgee after he was shot by the sorcerer.


Later on, Kurukgee was resurrected by a necromancer. Kurukgee then made a deal that he could live forever if he gave the necromancer something in return. He had nothing to give him, so the necromancer hideously altered Kurukgee's body. Kurukgee then became immortal, as the necromancer promised. However, Kurukgee's personality had forever changed and he gained mysterious powers. Due to his personality change, he became a cold blooded killer. To this day, he kidnaps people and murders them.
Mysterious Creature

Kurukgee's main form.


Unblurred form?

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