Some of the Krackhensaw Jungle

The Krackhensaw Jungle is a dark jungle said to be cursed by the ghost of the powerful Krenglin, the once great ruler of the planet Beejiter (before Balleo and Beegee were born). This jungle takes up a large part of the Krackhensaw Moon, the largest moon on Beejiter. All who enter the jungle are thought to turn on each other. This jungle is known as the place where Balleo and Beegee were seperated.


A long time ago, the powerful Fakegee Krenglin ruled Beejiter and all it's moons. He was a good ruler, until the Dark Siege possesed him, turning him into an evil tyrant. Krengin killed most of Beejiter's inhabitants, while the rest escaped to other planets.

1,000 years later, Pureegee killed Krenglin. Nobody knows why, but rumors say Krenglin didn't die. Instead he became a ghost and haunted the jungle.

3,765,009 years later, Balleo and Beegee got lost in the jungle. The jungle's "negative energy" turned them into lifelong enemies.

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