Kittyzeh is a very, very famous Fakezeh. She is sweet, nice, kind and considerate. She currently lives in Beejiter.


She was ignored as a child because people found her strange. However, when she grew up, she and her few true friends set off on traveling around Beejiter. On their travels they met many other Fakegees and Fakezehs, and Kittyzeh became well known as a friendly traveler.

She then came up with the great idea of 'Stop a-bit.' Stores. Her stores were placed around Beejiter and because of her good reputation all travelling merchants and foreign visitors went to them. Even though she made lots of money, she is not a billionare and this is because of her big heart; she donated most of her money to the "Help and Care Charity Foundation". And she is still donating. She loves to write, and is currently writing a book. She has already written an unpublished poetry book called "The Poems Of Change". She has a passion for photography and art.

She loves her friends with all her heart. She thinks about them all day and when she speaks to them, she can't stop smiling because she counts herself a very lucky Fakezeh indeed to have found them.

Kittyzeh loves cats. Too much, some might say. Her favourite cartoon cat is Marie.054

Her best friends are: Honeyzeh, Juneezeh and Loonyzeh. She is also friends with Beegee.

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