Even though it seems like the Beegees are constantly at war, they still know how to have fun. Jeegee is probably the most fun-loving Beegee. One day he decided to make a camp of his own, called Jeegee's Camp. He started building his camp and all the activites in it, with help from his best friend, Keegee. Young Weegees can learn a lot of new and useful things here, because Jeegee went through pains to make many of his activities educational.

Soon, Jeegee's Camp became a big success. Hundreds of Beegees have fun in it every day. The Camp is located on Nobletio, a planet in the edge of the Beegee Universe.

This Wikia's Jeegee's Camp

Our awesome, fun-loving chat room (emphasis on awesome) is named Jeegee's Camp. So, on occasion it may be the chat room people are refering to, instead of the real Jeegee camp.

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