Honeyzeh is a very sweet Fakezeh, which why they named her Honeyzeh. She loves animals. She behaves crazily sometimes, but that's what makes her adorable to her friends. She loves books (almost as much as Awesomezeh), and writes amazing poetry.

But what makes her lovable is her beautiful character and fierce friendship. She always stands up for her friends. Her best friends are: Kittyzeh, Juneezeh and Loonyzeh. She is also friends with Beegee and Ticklezeh.


She is the CEO of the "Help and Care Charity Foundation". For this reason she is very famous and very popular among the residents of Beejiter, where she lives.

Appearance and personality

She is brunette, tall and good at sports. She is one of the most creative people you will ever meet, extremely smart and fun.

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