Gelexeegee II

Gelexeegee II

After hearing the death of his brother, Galaxeegee revived Gelexeegee. He became Gelexeegee II. He has become much more powerful than before. Along wtih the energy that moves through his veins, there is a very powerful forcefield around him that looks like bubbles. It can protect him from all non-god attacks. He joined Beegee's Army this time, on their quest to conquer the Gunalleos. After the Gunalleos were conquered, Pureegee killed him, because the Beegee Army seemed too threatening to him, gaining members every day. After hearing the death of Gelexeegee, the Beegee Army would fight Pureegee and the Murkekows with Chroneegee and Galaxeegee as their ally.

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