Dr. Beegee

Dr. Beegee

Dr. Beegee is the form of Beegee where he is capable of inventing pretty much anything. Beegee only used this form once, and only ONCE, to make the Super Mega Hyper Mega Super Ultra Mega Hyper Epic Bazooka. This form most likely takes up a lot of power to use. This weapon was used in the war where Weegee, Chroneegee, and Balleo attacked the Beegees. It got as close to destroying Chroneegee as possible, but since he is a Weegee God, he didn't die, but was still severely injured and had to make a replacement. The Super Mega Hyper Mega Super Ultra Mega Hyper Epic Bazooka is the most powerful weapon in the Great Beegee Army and in the whole Beegee Universe, but it is rumored that Balleo and his army are creating their own version. He also was mentioned in Weegee's Wrath but he wasnt seen in Weegee's Wrath because he didnt have time to make another invention. Soon if he uses this form again maybe he will invent the Super Hyper Epic Bazooka.

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