Daieegee is the ruler of the Daieegeeverse. He is an ally of Beegee and his army.
 He arrived in Beegee's Universe for diplomatic purposes. He also came to find more information about Kurukgee.

For more information on Daieegee, visit Daieegeepedia.


His faction the Dominion of Daieegee. It is a democracy. His army is Daieegee's Army.


Invincibility- He is immune to most attacks

Universal Creation

Death Beam- He can create a beam of death

Grudge Rifle- He can shoot a deadly bullet that immediately kills the target


  1. The Yingor
  2. Daigees
  3. Beegee's Army


  1. Fakegee
  2. Weegee
  3. The Vyborgitron
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