Chroneegee is one of the Fakegee gods that can control time. He can go into the future or past at will. His energy is at the core of the V.G.T.M. He, along with Galaxeegee, were created by Pureegee. Chroneegee is the second most popular Fakegee God, tied with Galaxeegee. Chroneegee lives on the left sun (overall buckle) in the United 'Gees Universe.

Chroneegee is enemies with Beegee and has fought against the Great Beegee Army. He ended up getting shot with the Super Mega Hyper Mega Super Ultra Mega Hyper Epic Bazooka during the Weegee-Beegee War. He lost a great amount of power after this, so he decided to create a child that would take his place while he is healing. He created Timeegee (as his son), who he gave most of his time power to. Timeegee now has complete control of time until Chroneegee heals. He lives with him in the left sun (overall buckle) of the United 'Gees Universe
Toon Chroneegee

Toon Chroneegee


A Clock, used to keep time

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