Beegee Underworld is where Fakegees go after Deathgee takes their' soul after they die. There are constant upheavals caused by evil bad spirits, so Coregee and Deadgee and his 5000 skeletal soldiers try to keep them under control. So far, the Beegee Underworld has not seen an escapade (except for Vampireegee).

The Beegee Underworld has 4 sections. One is where the souls taken by Deathgee go to be judged fairly by their actions during the time they were alive, then they are taken either to a section called Weegee Heaven, which is what they call their Paradise. Or they are taken to the Beegee Inferno, a place where they will be eternally punished for their crimes in life. The fourth section is Coregee, Deathgee, and Deadgee's home.

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