After Beegee defeated Balleo, Gelexeegee II and a few others joined his great army. They decided to try to conquer at least half of the United 'Gees Universe. They started their long march. One day, they came upon the Gunalleos camp. The Gunalleos saw their mortal enemies and fired with their "hand machine guns". The Beegee Army was quickly out numbered by the 500 Gunelloes. The Beegees (Beegee, Jeegee, Catapulteegee and other fakegees) retreated and waited for Gelexeegee II, Grenadeegee and the reinforcements to come. The reinforcements finally came and they managed to push the Gunalleos back. The Beegees, mainly led by Gelexeegee II with his ultimate powers, pushed the Gunalleos back until they were surrounded in a tiny city. The Gunalleos finally surrendered 2 days later.

Another victory for the Beegees!

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