Beegee and Balleo have six ancestors. They are:

  • Powereegee: Powereegee was very powerful. But despite his wealth and health, he was a very loving and caring person. He loved his family, especially his children and grandsons. He has never abused his power.
  • Poofeezeh: Poofeezeh was a very stylish and egocentric woman. She was quite the opposite of her husband Powereegee; she could care less about what happened to her family. Thus she met her end in a horrible nautical accident when her expensive yacht collided with a cruise liner.
  • Billioneegee: Billioneegee was... a jolly good fellow- that is the only way to describe him. He was pot-bellied like Santa Claus, and he had a similar laugh. Although a billionaire, he inherited his father's caregiving nature, and raised his son, Beegee, accordingly.
  • Barbareegee: Barbareegee was exactly what his name says- barbaric. There is nothing else to say about him except for the fact that he passed his terrible nature onto his son, Balleo, and also turning him against his cousin Beegee.
  • Accessoriezeh: Accessoriezeh inherited her mother's egocentric nature. She could not stand stepping out of her house without at least five necklaces on her neck and ten rings on her hand.
  • Bansheezeh: Bansheezeh had screaming loud habits. Literally. She was a billionaire too, and this lead to her getting into arguement with her husband over whose money was whose.

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