After the big revenge in the previous war. The Murkekows came back to life as zombies. So the Great Beegee Army teamed up with the Balleo Army and the Bandit Fakegee Group so they could use big power. The Murkekows had threw a tantrum and have destroyed many things in Beejiter and they even destroyed Beegee's House. Later Beegee transformed into General Beegee, and was leading all three armies to destroy the Murkekows and the Fakerkekows were under attack so they all were in battle mode and crash! They destroyed Beejiter but later Beejiter got rebuilt and Beegee's House also got rebuilt. The war ended when the Super Mega Hyper Mega Super Ultra Mega Hyper Epic Ghost Super Hyper Epic Bazooka was released and launched and all the Murkekows flee out of Beejiter.


  • This war is known as Murkekow-Beegee War VII

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