Balleo wanted revenge for no reason after the Murkekow-Beegee War IV. And Murkekow returned to destroy The Beegee Universe. Some boy named "Randy" was crazy that he got shot and killed by One of the members of the Bandit Fakegee Group. Beegee took his revenge and transformed into Semi-Glow Beegee and the light thought about Beegee. Then after the big battle between the Great Beegee Army, the Ultimate Balleo Army, the Murkekows, and the Bandit Fakegee Group, Semi-Glow Beegee got so much light causing a big explosion that all of the armies (except for the Great Beegee Army) went flying in the air, and Semi-Glow Beegee transformed into Glow Beegee. Glow Beegee attacked with his whole army and pwned the other armies and guess what after the Murkekows poked Beegee several times, he got angry and angry and ANGRY and ANGRY and ANGRY until he transformed into Ultimate Beegee. Ultimate Beegee released the Super Mega Hyper Mega Super Ultra Mega Hyper Epic Bazooka and launched it and all the armies (except for the Great Beegee Army) were all blasted up and heated and Balleo said "the Great Beegee Army retreated us but he wont do it again"


  • This war is known as Murkekow-Beegee War V

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