After the destruction of The Balleo Universe, Balleo and his army squeezed onto the tiny planet of Balentio. After a few more years of healing and training, they allied with the Bandit Fakegees. They first struck on Nobletio, having the goal of taking over the world famous Jeegee Camp. Then the war began.

Balleo's side:

Beegee's Side (since most of Beegee's army is located on Blatio, only part of the army fought in this war):

The war went on for a few weeks and eventually they agreed to a draw. (This was the first war ever to end in a draw). This reason was partially because Galaxeegee was guarding the planet. He put up very strong defenses, not letting the Balleos and Bandits break through. The Balleo's side also had a strong attack, not letting the Fakegees gain any advantages.

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