Balentio is currently the home planet of Balleo and his army. Balentio was once part of The Balleo Universe, but Beegee bombed it with the The Great Beegee Air Force, and the two sides fought over it for years, until it layed in ruins. His whole army and all of his followers are living on this little planet, so security is very high. Since it has even higher security than planet Beejiter, there is not much information about it. Even taking pictures is difficult. There are rumors that they are making their own version of the Super Mega Hyper Mega Super Ultra Mega Hyper Epic Bazooka. It got destroyed in the Weegee-Beegee War II. It is not very seen anymore since the whole Balleo Universe was destroyed. It was discovered that it survived, and the Armageddon Kingdom conquered it.

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