"Who's awesome? Your awesome."- Awesomeezeh to a mirror.

Awesomeezeh's only known relative is her sister Bookzeh. Awesomeezeh is female, awesome, brunnete (as if she could be blonde, pfft!), tall, nice and A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Awesomeezeh likes to go by the title 'Queen of Randomness', and loves randomness so much that she blurts out random phrases at random times (very much the same as her sister Bookzeh). Besides Bookzeh, she is the biggest book lover in the Beegee Universe.


Awesomeegee is a firm believer in spreading awesomness.

Her favorite book is one of Bookzehs least favorites, 'The Book Thief'. She also likes 'Harry Potter', but not as much as Bookzeh.

Awesomeegee is also Timeegee's (Chroneegee's son) crush, and Euphoreegee's and Violenteegee's best friend.

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