After Athleegee took control of the whole Beegee Military School, he felt very powerful. So he decided to become allies with the Balleos, who still hated Beegee, to attack the Great Beegee Army from the back.
Athleegee II

Athleegee's Army/Squad:

Balleo Army Members:

The first attack that they launched seemed successful, killing Grenadeegee and Jeegee in the Great Beegee Army. (They were later revived by Reviveegee). Beegee became very angry, so he gathered up Catapulteegee, Snipeegee, and Guneegee and his clones, and launched a counterattack on them, forcing Athleegee to suicide. Balleo and his soldiers ran away. Athleegee was later revived by Reviveegee, making him into the more powerful Athleegee II.

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