Annoyingee (AKA Fleegee) is a Fakegee who is currently missing, possibly dead. He was known to annoy all the Fakegees of Norteether and other planets and galaxies as well. Extreme Angrygee had a special hatred for him.

Possible reasons for his absence

Extreme Angrygee

Since no one knows how Extreme Angrygee exploded, it can be assumed that he died while Annoyingee was annoying him.

Ghost Beegee's Ghost Grenade

But since no one knows why Annoyingee died either, it could be that Annoyingee died due an explosion from Ghost Beegee's Ghost Grenade when Ghost Beegee lost all patience for Annoyingee's annoyingness. He had been known to distrupt Ghost Beegee's nightly meditations by playing extremely loud music.

His ambition

Annoyingee has traveled to all planets in the Beegee Universe except Beejiter. It is widely known that because of Beejiter's extreme protection from the Bahziis, only Beegee and Jeegee get to go back and forth from it, without permission. Not even it's residents can visit other planets without permission from the Bahzii guards. Annoyingee always wanted to visit Beejiter and one day, while in a heated arguement with Angrygee, he swore that he would visit Beejiter one day (incognito, of course) whatever the cost. This could also be why he is missing.

R.I.P Annoyingee (if he really is dead).


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