Our Wiki's Administrators are:

1.General Beegee -Active

2. Nafisa.t13-Active

3. D lear-Active.

4. QuenteegeeTheFakegee- Active

5. TheNewWeegee- Active

6. GoWeegeeGo-Temporarily Inactive

NOTE: Active means that they contributed to the wiki a lot. Inactive means they are not contributing anymore. Temporarily Inactive means that they are not contributing temporarily.

Activity Scheme

An Administrator will be considered "Temporarily Inactive" if they do not make main article edits at all in 14 days.

If Administrators fail to give any solid reason for their inactivity for over 1 month, even after being alerted, their Administrator Rights will be revoked by the Bureaucrat in charge.

Becoming an Administrator

A user can become Administrator by having over 200+ main article edits, and have other Admins' approval. This rule will be put into action once we get more users. Current Administrators will remain as they are, but are still subject to the Activity Scheme.

Becoming an Bureaucrat

In order to become an Bureaucrat you need to be fully active with about 1000 edits and people get to give a chance to make others bureaucrats or admins.

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